The San Diego Puppet Insurgency
Community Change Celebration

Welcome to the Puppet Insurgency!

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  • Dear Friends,
    I am one of your biggest fans and have loved the gift of your presence at recent marches here in SD. Yesterday I left a phone message and hope you will call me. I am a UU community minister affiliated w First UU Church of SD and putting on an event with environmentalist John Cobb and Ramanathan from Scripps Earth Day weekend Saturday April 21 in the afternoon
    Are you available? Please call me so I can explain. Rev. Bonnie Tarwater (857) 248-5123

  • the San Diego Puppet Insurgency is a friendly way to become involved in action to improve our town, state, country and world.
    Little actions combime to bring about awareness of issuses vital to the health and welfare of our whole planet and pave the way to change , making our world a better place for All its inhabitants.

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