The San Diego Puppet Insurgency
Community Change Celebration

The Puppet Insurgency is committed to assisting social justice and environmental groups in building representations of their vision to take to the streets, build community, create social change and celebrate humanity.

The Puppet Insurgency, The Peace Resource Center of San Diego and People over Profits marched together in the San Diego Pride Parade 2017. The contingent featured a giant “Mother Earth” puppet wearing a rainbow cape. Each rainbow color led to a marcher or another giant puppet.

People over Profits worked with the Puppet Insurgency to create the puppet of their vision which wore handcuffs that broke apart, bringing attention to the movement to end mass incarceration and end prison privatization.

A third puppet highlighted the struggle against the border wall, and the right of freedom of movement.
Contact us if you or your group would like to work with us to make the connections we ALL need to build a just and sustainable world.